Directions & Parking


Parking Garages: There are numerous city-owned and privately-owned parking garages throughout downtown. The City-owned garages are $2+/hr. There are also a few privately owned garages that are close (rates may vary)

1. Library Parking Garage – 112 East Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801 (Rates vary)

2. Central Parking Garage – 20 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL (Rates vary)

3. Lanier Parking – 15 S. Osceola, Orlando, FL (Private Lot – Rates vary)

4. Standard Parking – 302 E. Pine St., Orlando, FL (Private Lot – Rates vary)

Street Parking is available at $1-$2 per hour and starts at 8 am. There is a 2-hour max so use street parking carefully.